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A Concern Very Much Worth Considering

Rick Phillips expresses concerns about Tullian Tchividjian’s view of depravity as it relates to believers in this article at Reformation 21. I think he makes some very important points, and their importance, in my mind, is due to the fact that many seem to be hearing Tchividjian selectively. They find his emphasis on the gospel and the righteousness of Christ refreshing, but they are missing the fact that his view of progressive sanctification is out of line with Scripture.

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Nothing new under the sun…

FWIW, I was reminded of this previous post when I read this article.

The genuine cause of biblical separatism is not helped by applying biblical texts about false teachers to brothers with whom we disagree. It may work to create controversy and generate heat, but my observation over the past 30 years is that it only works for the short term and then blows up. People who makes claims like this lose their credibility and their following, properly, grows smaller and smaller. Sadly, they interpret that as some kind of proof that they are right, but in reality it is simply a sign that they are unbiblically divisive. Even more sadly, because they wave a Bible verse and drape their false accusation in biblical garb, good people and assemblies are hurt by the confusion it causes.

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Three, yea even four, things about blog debates that bother me…

  1. when arguments about ideas get treated as if they are attacks on a person;
  2. when a written text is defended or attacked by arguments that assume the ability to read the author’s mind;
  3. when the biblical texts offered in a post are basically ignored; and,
  4. when people publicly rebuke other people for not privately contacting someone who wrote a piece for public consideration.

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