Internet Socialites and Misfits

Here is an interesting, perhaps important, article for those who are joining ministry and social networking tools on the internet.

Bob Bixby writes a fascinating goodbye to his blog and its readers. I would venture to guess that Bob and I have crossed swords in cyberspace more than I have with anybody else, and there have been times when it seems like we’re completely on the same page. He describes his approach and style, at one point, with word provocation, and I think that is fitting—both as a description and as a task. He demonstrates, in this post, some very keen self-awareness about the possible downsides of being a provocateur. And he pokes a few people in the eye as he leaves the room. Classic Bob. I applaud his heart for the local church and what matters most. And, Bob, if you’re reading this, feel free to express your disagreements with me via email and maybe I’ll post them here whenever we need some eye-poking to stir things up. Maybe. If it’s not my eyes. Karibu tena.

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