Quick hits

I’ve been out of the loop again for a while—away for ministry and then for vacation. I’ve written some things that I intended to post, but didn’t have them polished up like they needed to be, so I haven’t done it. At some point I’d like to follow up on a couple of earlier posts and probably offer a few thoughts on the Piper-Warren thing, but other things are more important this week.

  • Here’s a resource for Mother’s Day that you might want to check out.
  • I think that both Larry Rogier and Phil Johnson have some excellent things to say about the Piper-Warren kerfluffle.
  • I was reminded of how deeply karma-like ideas are embedded in human thinking in reading a lot of the commentary surrounding Tiger Woods loss and Phil Mickelson’s win at the Masters. I suppose it’s understandable when it comes from the minds and mouths of unbelieving people, but I wonder how much the Bible believing community has come to grips with how infected the worldview of many contemporary believers is with this kind of thinking.
  • James MacDonald offers some thoughts on the importance of seminary and, to my surprise, mentions DBTS. Looking at his bio, we might have passed each other in the halls here back in the 80s. Don’t recall meeting him (and I imagine neither of us would recognize the other from looking at a current picture!). Don’t remember anybody being angry either, but those were interesting, challenging times for our seminary.
  • The second half of April is packed with birthdays for our family, but I’ll just highlight four of special note: my mom (4/14) just hit the 3/4 quarter century mark; my dad turns 77 on 4/19; Grandma Sanders turned 91 today; and my brother-in-law’s wife, Elaine, reaches one click short of a half-century next Tuesday (4/12). I mention the first three because of what a blessing it is to me (and my wife and sons) to enjoy time with them. My parents are incredible, and my wife’s grandmother has been my own over the past 25 years since the last grandparent on my side died. I mention the fourth because all of our families are rejoicing because God has enabled Elaine (and her family) to walk through the valley of breast cancer with a great testimony and a good prognosis. I thank God, the Author and Sustainer of life, for each of them!

 Enough for now. Hope to pick up the pace soon, DV.

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