Mother’s Day

In a day that worships vanity and mocks maternity,

Gladly we confess God’s plan for the home is right.

Humanity’s vain attempt to defy God’s authority

Has hurt our families and is to society a blight.


God’s order for the home—father, mother, and child—

Though mocked as old-fashioned, stands the test of time.

To ignore God’s plan has caused society to run wild,

Families are in ruins, morality on a downward climb.


Like his lie in the garden long ago,

The devil continues to question what God has willed.

“Submission and motherhood, it can’t be so,

God doesn’t want your life to be fulfilled.”


Like Eve, many daughters have believed the lie,

And followed a pattern not found in God’s Word.

They chase after career, for leadership they vie,

And to question such thinking is seldom heard.


The devil must laugh at this oft-repeated sight,

As generation after generation heeds his lie

And of the forbidden fruit foolishly they bite.

First, he destroyed the parents, now the family must die.


Much better it would be to believe God is right,

And follow His plan laid down from the start.

The devil spreads darkness and death, claiming it is light.

God provides peace and joy when His Word rules the heart.


Whether ancient or modern, women must come to know

The lies of the tempter that have filled this day

Are not the words of a friend, but of a deadly foe.

God’s truth brings life; you must follow His way.


The woman is God’s gift to complete humanity

Without her, man would be alone and incomplete.

To ignore her true worth is to embrace vanity,

To reject her true work is to follow deceit.


On this day we gladly honor motherhood

And the moms with which we have been blessed.

Against the tide of this world, you always stood

And showed us by example, that God knows best.

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