More Odds and Ends

Well, I’ve been teaching summer school for the past two weeks, so I haven’t taken much time to write here. Class finished today, so maybe after Memorial Day things will pick up. I still have grades to finish and a bunch of stuff piled up, so don’t read that as a promise. Until then, a few more odds and ends from around the web.

Who knew there were two Wheatons? This is the kind of mistake that could give public speakers nightmares. Pretty good apology, though.

Mark Steyn makes some sense when he writes that we’re too broke to be this stupid.

Peggy Noonan writes an interesting column on the damage being done to the President’s ability to lead by the apparent incompetence that has been shown by the administration in relation to the oil spill in the Gulf. Here is a quote that I thought worthy of consideration for all leaders,

When your most creative thoughts in the middle of a disaster revolve around protecting your position, you are summoning trouble. When you try to dodge ownership of a problem, when you try to hide from responsibility, life will give you ownership and responsibility the hard way.

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