Closing the barn door a little late…

Terry Mattingly has an article on something that happened when the Presbyterians got together recently. They got an unexpected exhortation from what seems like an unlikely source.

“Christian morality is as old as Christianity itself. It doesn’t need to be invented now. Those attempts to invent new morality look for me like attempts to invent a new religion — a sort of modern paganism,” said Hardun, drawing scattered applause.

“When people say that they are led and guided by the Holy Spirit to do it, I wonder if it is the same Holy Spirit that inspired the Bible, if it is the same Holy Spirit that inspires the Holy Orthodox Church not to change anything in Christian doctrine and moral standards. But if it is the same Spirit, I wonder … if there are different spirits acting in different denominations and inspiring them to develop in different directions and to create different theologies and different morals?”

He really doesn’t need to wonder about it—Paul warned the Corinthians about this in 2 Corinthians 11!

I’ve said this before, but I think it bears repeating. These fights over moral issues are much less the positive sign than some (perhaps many) seem to think they are. When a church that abandoned orthodoxy decades ago is fitting about moral issues, that fight is more about preserving a culture than biblical authority. That means it’s more about selfish preservation than it is about honoring and obeying God’s Word. What else can it mean when you’re willing to give up on the deity of Christ but will fight about the definition of marriage?

Sure, it serves as a cautionary tale regarding the outcome of doctrinal decline, so if it motivates folks to take a stand at the beginning of the debate, good. But let’s not forget that this battle was lost decades ago, and it really was lost by those who refused to do what was necessary to remove from the church those who were denying the fundamentals of the Faith.


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