Odds and Ends, and Really Odds

The whole Tiger Woods saga of the past nine months is not worth noting, but, now as his marriage ends, his former wife, Elin, says something that is worth repeating. According to ABC news, “While she admits the money will make things easier, she told People: ‘Money can’t buy happiness. Or put my family back together.’”

This car crash is stunning and scary!

Others have, quite rightly, noted the doubly foolish move by Karl Giberson to publish his peevish response to Al Mohler’s Ligonier message in the Huffington Post. I say doubly foolish because not only use of that forum devoid of biblical sense, the article itself reveals the folly which flows from a diminished view of biblical authority. Al Mohler’s response is worth reading.

I can’t  won’t avoid noting that some of the responses to the announcement about the Central-Faith merger not happening are amusing. I’m not going to link to any of the ones I have in mind because doing so would actually serve their self-serving purpose. I am pretty sure that the folks who are “rejoicing” that the merger didn’t go through because of feigned concern that one of the institutions might weaken the other one’s separatist stand never gave a rip about that institution prior to this. I write this quite confidently because it is evident that they know nothing about that institution beyond a few quotes they’ve plucked from publications. The occasion of the potential merger simply served as an opportunity to take shots at one man under the banner of defending a fundamentalist institution. IOW, they were using the merger to score their own points. Pathetic and disingenous.

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