Quick hits and misses

Nothing important here, but if you want a break, here goes…

Anybody who throws like this shouldn’t be elected to anything! Seriously, if the man doesn’t have better judgment than to keep himself out of situations that make him look like a dork, then there is no way he should be a senator.

A sad, but poignant illustration of the emptiness of a false gospel and fraudulent ministry.

This article about cell phones and being late is interesting to think about from a cultural frame of reference, i.e., how the norms by which a culture operate gradually change.

My excuse for not taking something when I start to feel sick is that it always makes me sicker. Here’s proof for my wife that I was right! :)

This is completely crazy! I have had crocodile and it doesn’t taste that good. I wonder what crocodiles think about humans?

Somehow, I imagine some evidentialist apologist thinks this just finally might be the discovery that propels evangelism forward, but just like every other extra-biblical evidence that caused such hope, it will disappoint.

All I can say about this is ouch and amazing.

Probably a parable about discernment in this somewhere.

Given my Diet Coke consumption, this was a little concerning. Anybody that can debunk it, please let me know!

This is probably the perfect storm for what’s going wrong in American culture and politics–that someone would offer a million bucks to become a naked human billboard in front of the president and that it would be accepted.

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