How not to write a post…

Well, the blog came back to life just in time for me to eat some crow. It sat dormant for over a month with technical glitches, which meant, to my chagrin, that the post regarding the ACCC resolution was front and center the whole time. Why did that cause me chagrin? One reason is simply that I acknowledged in the post that I am sympathetic toward the ACCC’s position on separatism, so I did not want my very specific disagreement to be over-magnified (like I was rubbing it in their faces for 30 days).

A larger reason was that I had concluded, based on a comment made by Frank Sansone over at SharperIron, that I needed to make a correction to the post. Frank rightly pointed out, I believe, that I had allowed myself to use a bad argument with regard to the Jack Schaap situation. By dragging that back into the picture I made it seem like my concern was limited to the Baptist Friends Conference (BFC), when I was really just trying to illustrate a principle—we look negatively at decisions made by those perceived to be outside of our movement, yet interpret as positively as we can those decisions made by people perceived to be on the inside. The bottom line is that Frank’s comment caused me to reread what I had written and I realized it wasn’t written well. FWIW, because my blog was down, I re-joined SI in order to make the clarification, but it took a day for my permission to get done and by that time the thread had deteriorated so I decided to wait until the blog came back up. Nobody here thought it would take over a month for that to happen.

So, I already felt a little bad that the second half of that post was written so poorly, when, as providence would have it, on the day the blog comes back up I receive a letter from a good brother who is connected to the ACCC. His letter was both gracious and firm—the kind of letter one should write to express disagreement in a manly way (if I may use a non-pc phrase). He wasn’t trashing me for the post, but he took strong exception to it. I don’t agree with all of his arguments against it, but my heart sank as I read portions of it because he was right.

Specifically, I was wrong to accuse the ACCC of a “glaring inconsistency” because they passed a resolution about T4G but there was no resolution against the BFC. That accusation represents a kind of judgmentalism on my part that was uncharitable (and therefore ungodly) and an arrogant assumption on my part that they were deliberately ignoring the other conference (when in fact they may have had no knowledge of it). I played the fool in charging them with this and I need to apologize publicly since my wrongful speech was public. I have wrongly accused the men who crafted and passed this resolution and I am very sorry to have done so.

I am not sure what the proper blog process is for correcting the old post, but I will try to figure out something that acknowledges the weakness of its argument and the wrongful accusation. At this point I believe I will edit the old post and then offer a further word of clarification regarding my original point in a day or so. I am thankful that this brother challenged me about what I had written. Obviously, I needed it. I hope you will also feel the liberty to bring to my attention anything in what I write that you believe needs to be challenged. SDG.

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