So what should happen on May 22nd?

Some of you may be aware that Family Radio is predicting that the end of the world is scheduled for May 21, 2011. I’d seen the billboard announcing it, but hadn’t had the sad experience of reading their argumentation until a church member sent me this link. Personally, I would be thrilled if the Lord came back on that day or before, but these folks having been eating too many fruit loops.

This is not the first time that the one day = one thousand years argument has been wielded to declare that the end was imminent. I remember a number of people falling for the nonsense argued in a booklet that claimed there were 88 reaons that Christ was coming back in September of 1988 (and I loved the sequel, written after September 1988 to explain a minor miscalculation that moved the date back on year; thankfully, he didn’t write a third one to my knowledge). The same basic argument was used–1 day = 1ooo years, so in order for the Millenium to start before the seventh day/1000 year period, the Tribulation has to start seven years before that.

Most of these date specific predictions tend to follow the same basic premise: since one day equals one thousand years, find two points on the calendar between which you can park the desired number of thousand year segments. In 1988, it was two (from the birth of Christ to the start of the millenium). In 2011, it is seven, from the Flood to Judgment Day. I remember hearing a guy on the radio base his two thousand year theory on the parable of the Good Samaritan–since a denarius was a day’s wages, leaving two denarii would cover two days, so the Good Samaritan (apparently code for Jesus) would return in two days (aka 2000 years) to get the wounded man (His disciples). That kind of nonsense makes me alternate between laughing and screaming.

So, supposing that the end of the world doesn’t happen before then, what should happen to Family Radio on May 22nd? Hopefully, the people who have been supporting them will stop doing so. And I hope they will not have done anything really foolish like those who were duped by similar previous predictions. Sadly, a lot of men and minisitries have survived this kind of stupidity. In fact, some have survived multiple failed predictions. The real question probably is whether some kind of excuse will be offered for misrepresenting God or if the folks at Family Radio will genuinely repent for this foolishness. People who take God’s Word seriously should not settle for less than the latter.

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