Hurry up and read this book!

I’d like to recommend a new book to you: Trust, Hope, Pray by Luke and Trisha Priebe. The Priebes are members of our church and graciously asked me to write the forward to the book. The book actually deals with the reality that life includes a lot of waiting, even for things that we desperately would like to see happen very soon. It takes the form of daily meditations on God’s Word and will be a source of great spiritual refreshment for you. Here’s part of what I wrote in the foreward:

In reality, the very reasons we don’t like waiting are exactly why waiting is good for us! Having to wait reminds us that we are not in charge, God is, and it forces us to see that we need Him. When God puts us in a holding pattern, it is for our good.

Luke and Trisha Priebe have done us a great service by meditating on the challenge that waiting poses for us. By taking us to the Scriptures, they guide us to God’s wisdom and direct us to God’s help. What they really do is point us to God Himself and we need Him more than for whatever else it is that we are waiting. 

Books that point you to God are rare gifts. Consider adding this one to your collection!

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