Strange bedfellows…

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new book on evangelicalism coming out soon as part of the four views series. Andy Naselli and Collin Hansen are the editors of Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism which presents the viewpoints of Roger Olson, John Stackhouse, Al Mohler, and Kevin Bauder. As is usual in this format, each writer also interacts with the other views. Should be interesting.

Roger Olson made another announcement regarding the book on his blog yesterday and used it as an occasion to take some shots at Mohler. Because Bauder lives on the same side of the “continental divide” within evangelicalism, he gets hit as well, but clearly Olson is most unhappy with Mohler. Olson acknowledges that Bauder takes the stronger separatist position, but I think Olson knows that Bauder isn’t the real threat for someone like Olson. Olson doesn’t circulate among separatist fundamentalists, but he does try to maintain his evangelical credentials and Mohler’s view represents a challenge to that.

I know it’s a blog, so snide and sarcastic is more acceptable, but Olson seems to revel in potshots. Clearly he is a man with a burr below his saddle, and that makes the arrival to the comment section of Lou Martuneac so appropriate. Lou’s burr is to make sure that nobody thinks Bauder is a true separatist, so he opines thusly. That produces a classic line by Olson—“Imagine that–someone to the right of Bauder! Amazing.”

Just for good measure, Lou makes sure to drop my name into the discussion in spite of the fact that I am pretty sure that Roger Olson has no idea who I am. Lou really doesn’t get that it doesn’t take much to be viewed as a big fish in our little fish pond, but only in our little pond. One thing you can say about Lou, though, is that once he’s locked in, he’ll keep firing. Another thing you can say is that the man has very little discernment. Olson is angry that Al Mohler and Kevin Bauder think he is not an evangelical, but at least he can find solace that someone to the “right of Bauder” is geeked that Olson is an anti-Calvinist:

Brother Roger:

I will be purchasing your new book, Against Calvinism. Thanks for taking on stand on this important debate and divide. Lord willing, your polemic will slow and stem the tide of the resurgence of Calvinism.


What’s that old line? “An enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Roger was right. Amazing.

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