The month, and life, passes quickly

It’s March 20th and I’ve posted nothing on the blog this month. I leave town tomorrow, so I’m not sure I’ll post anything for the rest of the month. I started the month in Central Asia and I’ll end it in Central Florida (DV).

My youngest son’s varsity basketball team has won the Michigan High School Athletic Association District and Regional Championships, and they play tonight in Quarterfinals. Our school has won 7 State championships in soccer, but only one in basketball (1985), so they flying in pretty rare air right now. Tough road ahead, but definitely possible. It’s fun to watch them compete.

Next week, while on vacation in Florida, I’ll be playing basketball most mornings with a few of the kids from that team. I remember setting a personal goal to be able to play with the boys (I’ve got four of them) until the youngest one finishes high school. I set that goal about a decade and a half ago, but now it—all of the sudden it seems—is almost here.

The time passes so quickly. Boys turn into men before you know it. It’s not really that I’m feeling old; it’s that the primary parenting years pass so quickly. We never stop parenting, but the way we do it definitely changes. Thankfully, a lifetime building good relationships leaves the door open to a lifetime of giving advice and counsel. But there are so many lessons that need to be poured into a little life, and now that they are no longer little, I find myself thinking about how much better I could have used the time I had. God has been extraordinarily kind to me in that my sons love the Lord and want to serve Him in spite of their dad’s flaws.

So, my advice to all of you young parents out there is simple: seize the day! Before you know it, they’ll be grown. Teach them, don’t just regulate them. Cultivate a relationship that will last beyond the time they live under your roof. Help them learn to live with God’s pleasure as their great ambition. Show them by your life what really matters.

You don’t have as long as you think you do!

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