An Uninspired Article (at least not by God!).

Since my post on the KJVO nonsense in the Landmark publication seemed to catch the interest of more than a few people, here’s something that actually came across my desk prior to that one. I started to write something up, but got caught up in the some other things and left it undone. It still isn’t really done, but I am on the road again and it is easy post, so I’ll just share some “gems” that were tucked away in one of the articles.

A recent edition of Northwest News: A Quarterly Publication of Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, Illinois included an article entitled, “Is the AV 1611 King James Bible Inspired?” by Wendell Runion. Mr. Runion’s answer is “Yeah, verily.” Here are some choice quotes:

• “English word studies will put a lot more light on the Scripture than Greek word studies ever will” (p. 7).

• “The 50 (or so) men who met with King James I at Hampton court were more than likely ‘led by the Spirit,’ and I would seriously believe that they ‘walked in the Spirit’ because they were indwelled by the Holy Ghost. Therefore, I think I could genuinely say that the Holy Ghost performed the act of ‘spiring’ them from within from the original meeting to the finality of the work which produced a Holy Ghost-inspired book that rolled off the press in 1611. ‘Nuff said!’” (p. 7).

• “So the Holy Ghost stopped the corruption of the Word of God when He continued His inspiration in the AV 1611 King James Bible” (p. 7)

As I said (or at least implied—can’t recall right now) in the earlier post, my concern isn’t with those who merely prefer the KJV. It is when people begin to claim for it (or any translation) what may only be claimed for the original writings. This man is claiming that the KJV is God-breathed. That kind of heresy should not be tolerated or ignored by those who care about the Faith once delivered to the saints. I would hope that most folks who love the KJV as a translation would agree with that. It is really past time for them to speak up about it too.

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