Moving Forward Together

I’m looking forward to the MACP in less than two weeks (more info can be found here). We have some excellent speakers lined up and a very important theme. I hope you will consider coming.

Unity within the congregation and among biblically faithful congregations have always been important, but sadly have been more rare than should be so. The general sessions will focus on biblical texts that should shape our minds and lives regarding this subject. I’m convinced that the edifying exposition of these texts will encourage you in the work of Christ.

The workshops sessions will be a problem for you because you’re going to have to skip something that you’ll really want to attend! In addition to our guest speakers, men from our church and seminary will be leading workshops focused on leadership, evangelism, and discipleship. Here are some of the topics being covered:

Cultivating Mission-Minded Unity in the Congregation
Cooperation Without Compromise?
Navigating Ministry Trials and Criticisms
Maintaining Unity through Biblical Forgiveness
2:42 Life Groups: An Idea for Small-Group Discipleship
Multi-Ethnicity in the Local Church
Guarding Moral Integrity
Building a Culture of Evangelism
In the Word Together: One to One Bible Reading
The Gospel and Sanctification
Factors for Building a Cohesive Church from 1 Corinthians 12-14
Building Unity Around Historic Confessions
Worldview Evangelism: Engaging Underlying Beliefs

If you’re interested in a profitable time in the Word, encouraging fellowship with like-minded brothers, and seeing the work of Christ move forward, then please take advantage of this opportunity to be equipped and encouraged. We will do all that we can to make it a refreshing time for you and to send you back home with a full heart and mind, as well as some great resources in your hands. Hope to see you in two weeks!

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