The Legal Limit on Rules

In light of a recent discussion here, here, and here at SharperIron about legalism and school rules, I thought I’d post a couple of links to an article I wrote for Frontline several years ago. It was long enough to warrant two parts, so here’s part one and here’s part two. Don’t have time at present to interact with the articles written by Pastor Mike Durning, but my article probably expresses my biggest concern—biblically, we need to be careful about reducing legalism to issues of rules and regulations. Saying that does not invalidate his article, so please don’t take my comment that way.

UPDATE: It occurred to me that I probably should point out that my two articles were first published 10 years ago. The significance of pointing this out is that I believe that there has been good progress over these ten years regarding some of the potential Pharisaism that I mentioned at the end of the article. I think, for instance, that there is less “fear of man” dressed up like “concern about your testimony” than previously.

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