Who am I?
My name is Dave Doran and I serve as the Senior Pastor of Inter-City Baptist Church and the President of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary (both of which are in Allen Park, Michigan). I have a wonderful wife named Claudia, to whom I have been married since February of 1985. The Lord has blessed us with four sons—David, Daniel, Dillon, and Derek. The oldest three have given us three wonderful daughters-in-law–Abi, Melissa, and Emily–plus four grandchildren. God’s kindness to me is amazing!

Why have a blog?
This post helps explain.

How can I post on this site?
You can’t. It’s a blog, not a message board. I’ve chosen not to allow comments for two reasons. First, it seems to me that the comments sections, even on the best sites, often quickly descend to a level of communication that isn’t very helpful and often quite unbiblical. Second, if this blog had comments, I would feel obliged to monitor them and delete offensive material. There is no way that I’d do a good job of keeping up with that and I wouldn’t want someone else to have to spend time doing it for me. Instead of comments, please use the mailbag. I will gladly update or correct my posts based on info I receive from readers.

Disclaimers and Endorsements
Because I don’t want to have to say this a thousand times, consider this a general disclaimer that declares that I do not endorse the views, writings, positions, or whatever else of everybody to whom I make reference, link, quote, or otherwise draw attention. I will assume that the readers of this blog have enough discernment to know that quoting something from one work by an author does not mean you agree with everything that that author has ever written. If you lack such discernment, please don’t read this blog. Oh, and I hope that all readers will understand that I am joking once in a while.