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Common ground?

Those who have followed my blog and/or have kept up to speed with some of the “controversies”  in our little neck of the ecclesiastical woods probably know that Lou Martuneac (a blogger who lives in what a friend called “the toxic climate of Illinois”) and I have had our differences on a wide range of issues. Let’s just say that Lou is not a big fan of mine. Although, by looking at the numbers next to his label categories, I (14) still trail Kevin Bauder (18) by four posts and probably can never catch John MacArthur (35). It is gratifying to know that I have the lead over Al Mohler (7) and Mike Harding (6). It’s not particularly a competition which I am trying to win, but, quite frankly, I pretty much enjoy beating Mike Harding in anything.

Well, anyway, I happened upon a quote from Lou yesterday and thought it might represent a point of agreement between us, some potential common ground to promote healing or whatever.  Here’s the quote:

It is rare to read of one coming out of Calvinism and giving sound biblical reasons for the departure.

I too have found it rare that Calvinism is rejected for sound biblical reasons. Of course, it’s possible that he might mean something different than I would by those words, but one can hope, can’t he?

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