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SGINC Update

It’s the last day of the SGI National Conference and God has given us a wonderful time together in His Word and prayer. The conference would be a blessing to me if only to hear 400 students lifting their voices in praise to God (not to mention when a few hundred from our congregation join in during the evening sessions). At the end of last night’s session we sang “Complete in Thee” and the words of that last verse filled my soul with joy:

Dear Savior, when before Thy bar,

All tribes and tongues assembled are,

Among Thy chosen I shall be,

At Thy right hand, complete in Thee.

What amazing grace that spreads to all the nations! Three more plenary sessions remain (Mark Minnick, J. D. Crowley, and me), so please pray for God’s gracious work through the Word by His Spirit.

If you’d like a fuller report of the conference, please check in on the blogging being done by Joe Tyrpak at the Missions Mandate blog.

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