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Unhelpful Assumptions

“An application of such conservative principles would naturally lead to unity on the issue of music.”

What’s wrong with this assertion?

  1. It assumes what it would need to prove—does being wary of progress and waiting before taking action necessarily lead to unity?
  2. It incorrectly assumes that there is agreement on what “conservative principles” means—I have yet to see any two “conservatives” arrive at the same conclusions about what their conservatism looks like in practice, and I still look with amusement at those circumstances where two “conservatives” are engaged in debate which usually centers on who is conservative and who is either progressive or hyper-conservative. See the comment section here for an example of what I mean.
  3. It naively assumes that unity in a congregation “naturally” comes from anything—the entire enterprise which is the local church runs contrary to natural unity; it is the only work of God’s Spirit that will liberate sinners from their natural inclination to assert their own desires above those of others, and most of the disunity in local churches (including over music) is more affected by selfish desires than anything else. Progressives and conservatives both battle with indwelling sin.


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